Quantum Theory


This four-day workshop at the University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand, aims to bring together researchers at our Matarki partner institutions, and other interested parties, to present the latest research developments in a wide range of topics at the forefront of Quantum Science.

    Topics include (list will expand):

    - Open quantum systems

    - Coherent light-matter interactions

    - Cavity enhanced sensing

    - Spinor and dipolar condensates

    - Quantum turbulence

    - Ultracold Bose and Fermi gases

    - Quantum nanophotonics

    - Superconductivity, superfluidity

    - Optical lattice clocks

    - Disordered cold gases

    - Rydberg atoms/Cold ions

    - Bright solitary  matter waves

    - Resonant optics

    - Atom chip, Atom lasers

    - Quantum information processing

         with rare-earth doped crystals

Registered speakers:

Stephen Hughes (Queen’s)

Simon Cornish (Durham)

Maxim Goryachev (Western Australia)

Murray Olsen (Queensland)

József Fortágh (Tübingen)

John McFerran (Western Australia)

Dieter Koelle (Tübingen)

Daniel Braun (Tübingen)

Ana Rakonjac (Durham)

Steven Knoop (Vrije, Amsterdam)

Tyler Neely (Queensland)

Robert Pfeifer (Macquarie, Sydney)

Ulrich Zuelicke (Victoria)

Nikolett Nemet (Auckland)

Niamh Keegan (Durham)

Andreas Günther (Tübingen)

Angela    White (Okinawa)

Nick Parker (Newcastle)

Stuart Szigeti (Queensland)

Joachim Brand (Massey)

Ben Baragiola (Macquarie, Sydney)

Arko Roy (Ahmedabad)

Scott Parkins (Auckland)

Ryan Wilson (US Naval)

Annica Freytag (Queens)

Christoph Marquardt (Max Planck)

Marius Dommermuth (Tübingen)

Alfredo Rueda (Erlangen-Nuremberg)

Franziska-Friedrich (Darmstadt)





            Held over 19-23 March 2016, the workshop will involve a full scientific programme for 20-23 March.

            Registration deadline: 7 February 2016. 

            Abstract deadline: 14 February 2016


            Registration Fees

             $250NZD (~$165 USD)

            Matariki partner member: fee waived!



            The meeting will be held at the

            Otago Museum, Dunedin, New Zealand.


            Accommodation and Transport

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            for the afternoon of Monday 21 March, please follow this link to our activities page


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MQS2016 is the second in a series of workshops on quantum science, following the inaugural workshop held in Tübingen in 2013.




Organizing Committee

Niels Kjærgaard (Chair) 

Ashton Bradley

Amita Deb

Danny Baillie

Luke Symes


Advisory Board

Simon Cornish

József Fortágh

Blair Blakie


Proudly sponsored by 

Quantum Science Otago



The Centre for Quantum Science is  a University of Otago Research Centre hosted by the Department of Physics.


Department of Physics

University of Otago

730 Cumberland Street

Dunedin 9010



Ashton Bradley                       

ashton.bradley [at] otago.ac.nz    


Niels Kjærgaard            

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