Travel Information

To help you plan your visit to Otago, on this page we offer some advice regarding flights, transport, and accommodation. 


Flights and Transport

When booking flights, avoid flying too early in the morning during winter months (June-August). Delays due to frost are common, and arranging your flight to occur after 10am is advisable.


As taxi fares from the airport are very expensive (~$80), please catch a suttle ($20-$30) via Airport Shuttles, Kiwishuttles, or Supershuttle, or arrange a ride with your host.



For short term accommodation (a few days), there are a number of well priced options close to the University (see map). 


If you are staying for a couple of weeks, 858 George Street have a fully self-contained two bedroom unit with laundry and kitchen facilities. If staying for many weeks, Abbey College can often accommodate visits of order weeks to months, if booked sufficiently in advance. 


See the maps below for our building, and for some things to see and do in the beautiful Otago region around Dunedin.

Our Location

Physics Department

Science III Building

730 Cumberland Street

Dunedin 9010


The Centre for Quantum Science is  a University of Otago Research Centre hosted by the Department of Physics.


Department of Physics

University of Otago

730 Cumberland Street

Dunedin 9010



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